Digital Excellence for the Next Generation and the Planet
What we do
Our primary purpose is to educate young people in high-level technical skills.  We support their individual ideas and digital projects that address global environmental issues.  Much of our work is delivering bespoke training packages for young people that give them early insight into very advanced techniques, used by successful businesses.  We firmly believe that they have the energy, enthusiasm, talent and knowledge to build amazing solutions, and that they have good awareness of global environment issues; we offer our experience to help them succeed.
It's all about people
We've gained a wealth of experience in digital and technology by working with experts and business leaders from all over the world.  By using this experience to guide people into understanding digital excellence, we enable them to be confident and find solutions that really work. We empower people and businesses to develop strong digital cultures.
Sharing is caring
Digital transformation doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Our passion is to help others, so although we get involved in the changing digital standards across government, charities, retail and banking, we're happy to share and explain these standards with anyone who wants to know.
Our planet
Better digital businesses improves lives and helps to look after the planet we all live on.  We actively promote digital methods that reduce paper, plastic, carbon, fossil fuels, consumables and other forms of waste.  By digitising, businesses create efficiencies, save money, reduce waste, serve people better and socially and ecologically responsible.  
Simple, practical services
We also provide a range of services to help all types of people and organisations to modernise, digitise, improve and become more confident in today's world. They are all designed to help all types of people access digital excellence, and having less reliance on specialists.
Our values
Everyone in our company sticks closely to our core values, shaping our behaviours.  These define who we employ, how we treat each other and our customers.
Our 8 core values are:
  1. Honesty - we'll always be compliant with the law and honest with everyone
  2. Transparency - we won't have any hidden charges or practices
  3. Simplicity - our communication will be easy to understand
  4. Fairness - we'll never overcharge customers and our profits are shared fairly
  5. Socially ethical - we'll prioritise people who really need us
  6. Morality - we won't work with anyone of poor morals or illegal activities
  7. Happiness - our staff will have all the tools, support and flexibility they need
  8. Quality - we work only to the highest standards - poor work isn't tolerated​​
Just nice people? No, we have serious skills!
Our specialisms have come from years of success in the following fields:
  • User Experience (UX) - behavioural science, engagement, co-design
  • Design - web development, information architecture, photo/audio/video
  • Research - internet trends (technology and user patterns)
  • People - training, mentoring and coaching
  • Business - reputation management, process re-engineering
  • Government - digital strategy, big data and inclusion
  • Creative Writing - journalism and web content editing
  • Delivery - project, programme and portfolio management
Too good to be true?
If you like the sound of us, try our services and experience how modernisation should happen.  You're welcome to contact us if you'd like to ask us anything.